5 of the best WordPress themes for increasing the conversion rates

While dealing with online business, conversion rate becomes an important tool for the owners. But designing a theme for a website from scratch can become a daunting task for you as it requires lots of efforts. And therefore, in this blog post, we have mentioned the top 5 WordPress themes for increasing the conversion rate of your website in order to make your online presence stronger and increase the number of visitors, customers and clients related to your business, regardless of its size, location and industry type.


This is the most used theme by online businesses for increasing the conversion rate as it offers smooth, clean and easy navigation system for your website. This simple WordPress theme keeps things simple and clutter-free as well, and these two features are very much important for any good website. Moreover, it is also search engine optimized in order to give you high search engine ranking. The compatibility of this theme on mobile devices is brilliant and you can even customize it very easily.

The Essence                             

If you are thinking about a creative idea of designing your website then you can use The Essence theme, which adds the required style and coolness to your website.  It is the best theme for showing your creative ideas on your website with the out of box designs. And when it comes to the conversion rate then The Essence takes care of that as well. The lightweight theme makes sure that you get the maximum conversion rate while the cool look makes the theme look expensive and delicate as well. In addition to this, you can choose from 17 different blog styles and there are various other options of layouts as well.


The drag and drop builder of this theme is one of the eye-catching features. You can consider this as a premium conversion focused theme as it has all the features which will allow you to increase your conversion rates. The flexibility and smoothness offered by this theme to design the page in your own way is remarkable, but the thing which makes it stand out from the crowd is the additional 25 built-in layout options with each layout carrying its own style and uniqueness. And for your kind information, the landing of this theme is optimized for both SEO and speed.


The rich typography of the theme bundled with its silky smooth design gives a unique touch and look to your website. With this theme on your website, you will surely make visitors stay for a longer period of time. The theme has been specially designed by keeping the conversion rate in mind and that’s why it has been able to make it to the list of top themes for increasing the conversion rate.


This theme will make your website look like a premium one and will deliver a high-end experience to your visitors. The basic motive of this theme is to enhance the conversion rate of your website better than any other ordinary WordPress theme and it sticks to its promise.

Using the right theme for increasing the conversion rate is a very important tool as the theme of a website plays a major role in deciding the conversion rate. So, check out the above mentioned themes, and choose the best one according to your business and need.


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