5 Effective Tools to Check Backlinks

In the world of SEO, much has changed in the last few years. However, there is one thing that is still holding its importance today and that are backlinks. Gone are the days when quantity was the only thing that mattered in the backlinks. Today, the only thing that matters the most in backlinks is the relevancy and quality.

Backlinks are very important as Google prefers it when ranking websites according to their profession. If you really want to see your online business in the long run, then it is important that you keep an eye on all the backlinks of your website and the competitors’ sites too. To take the lead in this competition, you have to know about your competitor’s strategy like their traffic resources, target keywords, domains, etc.

Doing this all by yourself can be really nerve-wracking and time-consuming. Fortunately, there are good numbers of tools available in the market that you can help you to examine all the incoming links on your website. In this blog, we have mentioned some of the best and effective ones that can prove to be a lifesaver for you. So let us get started.


The first name in our list is none other than MOZ. This effective tool can help you in building links, eliminating links that are hampering your website performance, and know about the backlinks that are beneficial for your website. Basically, MOZ provides a complete analysis of the link profile that shows all the things that are working and things that are hurting your website credibility.  Overall, knowing all about the backlinks that are connected to your website will ultimately help in improving your SEO ranking.


If you are in the field Of SEO, then you must have definitely heard about SEMRush. Well, it is one of the most popular tools in the SEO market. Earlier, SEMRush was used for analyzing keywords both organic and ad keywords, but now it has included the feature of checking backlinks. The SEMRush comes with a free and paid version both. However, for beginners, the free version is enough to collect all the valuable information.


If you are looking for a tool to check backlinks alone, then Ahrefs is just the right choice for you.  This tool can help you in providing a complete analysis of all the backlinks of your website and your competitor sites too. The free version of Ahrefs only provides three analysis, whereas the paid version can give you a complete analysis of all the backlink profile such as do follow backlinks, no follow backlinks, image backlinks and many more.


MoonSearch is a completely free backlink checking tool that provides a complete link analysis and checks how many backlinks are connected to your website. Along with that, it also gives useful information related to such as Alexa Rank, page rank, reputation based on Yahoo, Dmoz and Moonsearch catalogs.


This great tool can help in letting you know what is happening with all your backlinks each and every day. By using Majestic, you will be able to find out what your competitors are doing, so that you can come up with a better strategy to beat them.

Wrapping it up, these were some of the best tools that can help you in checking backlinks easily. You can go with any one of them as per your requirement. All the tools are equally effective and none of them will disappoint you with their service.

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