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As said by Bill Gates “Content will be the king”, content is proving to be one of the most powerful tools for each and every type of business. With the penetration of Internet in every sector, all the businesses are looking for a way to mark their presence in the virtual world and for that they need content. That’s the reason why the content writing is growing more and more.

Content writing is all about creating unique, engaging and error-free content for a company. Many writers work as a freelancer through various websites while others are engaged in full time writing jobs. But writing content involves many aspects and thus to fulfill those aspects you will need the right tools which are gifted to writers in the forms of useful websites and apps by the always evolving technology.

So, let’s go through the different apps and websites which can come in handy for content writers

1. Ginger

Writing a grammatically correct content is one of the main characteristics of a good writer, but even the master of grammar can commit some errors while writing because in the end, we all are humans and mistakes are a part of our life. But you can use software like Ginger which allows you to correct all the mistakes in your writing material. Just download the software and it will get integrated with your Microsoft Word. And after finishing your article, click on the Ginger button in the word that will check your content sentence by sentence with suggestions coming simultaneously.

2. SmallSEOtools

If you are a content writer then you must know about these very useful websites. This SEO website offers you some of the unique tools that can come in handy while creating content for your company, especially when you are writing SEO friendly content. You can check for plagiarism, know the keyword density, rephrase a particular article, and do lots of other things with this website.

3. Grammarly

None of the grammar checking tool is perfect on the internet, but a mix of Ginger and Grammarly can give you near to perfect content in terms of grammars. Grammarly is very helpful tools which can be added as an extension to your web browser. After adding it to your web browser, just copy paste your content at any place in the web browser and it will show you grammatical errors with good suggestions. It can also prove to be really helpful if you are blog commenting on any website.

4. Copyscape comparison tool

If you are used to writing content from a single source, then the free comparison tool of Copyscape can become your ultimate content creating partner.  Just copy paste the link or  the content of the source in one box and copy paste your created content in another box. After that, click on the compare button that will show you the percentage of content matching in both cases.

So, if you are a content writer and wish to create error free, plagiarism free, engaging and unique content, then use the above-mentioned apps and websites as they give the best results.

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Thanks for providing a great list of SEO tools, I will use above mentioned tools.

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