An easy and quick guide to building your dream website


Nowadays, an online presence for any business is as much important as hiring the right employees in their organization. Despite the various ways of making your introduction in the online world like Facebook Page, Twitter account, blogging page, the most basic and necessary medium for making your online presence stronger is through a website.

If you are searching for a company and don’t find a genuine website for it, then you might question the reliability and the existence of the company, yes, a website has become that important.

When it comes to website creation, most of the people think that it has to be 100% of coding, themes, and presentation, but you should know that this is only a small part of your website creation planning as there are various other things on which you need to focus.

Here is an easy and quick guide which will help you to create your dream website.

1. The decision of a Content Management System

The old traditional ways of creating a website through HTML, Flash, and CSS are long gone as they required a lot of learning processes. But many people still think that website creation is a task of a coding master while this is not the actual truth as a user-friendly content management system like WordPress allows even a novice at coding and website development to make a powerful website. So, it will always be better to choose WordPress as your Content Management System.

2. Choose a perfect domain name and opt for hosting services

After you have made your decision of the Content Management System now it’s time to choose your domain name and buy a hosting service. There are various domain name providers on the internet and you can choose them according to your need. You have options of .com, .us, .net. .co, etc. The price of a domain name is charged mostly on an annual basis. After choosing a domain name, you will have to buy a hosting service. The hosting service will allow you to load your website quickly and minimize chances of downtime.

3. Design your website with proper planning

When you are done with the hosting and domain name stage, you will have to bring the concepts into the practical world and start building your website with proper planning. You should know which type of website will be best for your business and what else you will need in it. There are few points which you need to keep in mind while building an ideal website like quick loading, attractive looks, simple menu and tools, quality content, etc.

4. Publish your website

After you are done with most of the complicated tasks now it’s time to make your website available for Google Search, your audience and to the world of the internet. After checking everything on your website like content, image quality, alignment, loading speed, you should publish your website.

5. Promote your website

If the Google ranking of your page is low, then no one would bother to visit it as what people see is what people buy. There are different ways of making your website reach into the top pages of Google and one such way is through promotion. You can promote your website on various social media sites, through blogging and other mediums. Once your website reaches the top pages of Google, your business will start growing without any doubt.

Building a website is not a rocket science and you don’t even need to be a professional code master for it. In this era where everyone is trying to build user-friendly platforms, website development is also not left behind.


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