Everything You Need To Know About Link Building

all about link building

Be it a small business or a large organization, link-building is present everywhere. The scenario of SEO and link-building keeps on changing and that is why it is essential that you fully understand the process of placing high-quality campaigns through a link- building if you really want to be successful online.

What is Link Building?

Basically, link building is the process of placing the hyperlinks of other websites on your own. A hyperlink or simply known as link serves as a passage for the internet users to navigate to different web pages. Search engines take the help of links to crawl between all the pages of every website available on the internet. There are various methods of link building that varies in difficulty. Most of the SEOs agree that link building is probably one of the most difficult tasks. So, if somehow manage to understand the art of quality link building, then you will able to take a greater lead among your competitors.

How are links created?  

Since links are the basic pillar of link building, it is important to know about link creation. Generally, a link tag comprises four parts and all of them work together as a single unit. Each part of a link tag has their specific roles:

  • Starting of the link tag: The first part of the link tag is known as the anchor. Its function is to open the link and point the search engine about the forthcoming things. The anchor is termed as an “a”.
  • Link Referral location: This part of the link indicates the URL to which the link is pointing. It can be a web page, an image, or any kind of downloadable file. This part is presented as href that stands for hyperlink referral. If the href begins with #, then the link will lead to the other section of the same website.
  • Visible test of the link: This is the part of the link tag that will be visible to the user in the test format when he/she will click on the link. This part stands out from the surrounding text in some way. Often, it will be presented in blue and underlined to point out that this is the link that will land you to another page.
  • Closure: the final part points out at the end of a link tag to the search engine.

Importance of link building in a business  

Apart from increasing SEO ranking, link building has several other benefits:

  • Helps in building relationship: When you perform link building it leads you to other businesses as well. This is basically to provide information about promotions and activities related to your business. Though the main agenda behind this is to improve your link, there are additional benefits associated as well. You can build a good relationship that can be very fruitful for both businesses.
  • Referral Business: If you have created a high-quality link, then it may help you to generate more traffic to your website and its ranking in the search results. Another great benefit of link building is that if your link is attached to a relevant and most visited site, then it will eventually help a lot in the increase in your sales.
  • Helps in Brand Growth: A good link tag can help you immensely in the promotion of your brand. It provides you with an opportunity to show that you are the expert in your field through links to relevant content.

The composition of link-building is organic and it changes very significantly, so it is important that you stay updated and are ready to make the changes whenever necessary.  Remember that as long as you keep up the practice and begin with the content that is worth for link building, you will keep on receiving fruitful results.


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