Everything that you need to know about Link Equity

Link Equity

Well, Link equity or sometimes also known as link juice is a search engine ranking factor which describes the way by which a link can pass authority from one page to another. Basically, there are two ways by which link equity can be passed- one is via internal links (links to the same website) and the other is external links (links to other websites).Link Equity

You will be surprised to know that link equity is somehow connected to PageRank- which is one of the major aspects that Google uses to determine the ranking of websites. When it comes to PageRank, it gives preference to websites that have the most number of links from other websites. Chances are strong that these websites will land on the top of the search results and have good traffic.    

In the last few years, the pattern of PageRank has somehow changed and there are plenty of factors that it takes into consideration while determining the rankings of websites. However, among all the factors, link equity is still holding its importance and that is why it should be given a top priority for any websites in terms of SEO.

Now we’ll see the factors that influence the link equity. So let us start.

Follow or No-follow links

It is important for you to note that pages with no follow links are not given any preference by the search engines and will not be crawled. No Follow links do not have any link equity to pass along.  So, it will not contribute anything to the ranking of your website. It will be beneficial if you could just create a page with do follow links. Remember, Google considers every link attached to your page as a point. More the points higher will be its credibility. 

Link Relevancy

 Long gone are the days when quantity was all that can get your page a good ranking in the SERPs. Today, the Google algorithm highly focuses on the quality and penalizes the websites which don’t have relevant links attached to their page. So, make sure that the links that you are using on your page are relevant to your own website. Let us just take an example to understand this- if your website is about cloud service and the link you used in your page is about health and fitness, then you can see that there is no connection between the two. Google will not tolerate this at all.

Make sure that the page is indexed

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind while adding a link on your page is making sure that the page (whose link you are using) is indexed by Google. If the link is not indexed, then including it will not be of much use. There can be many reasons for the page not to be indexed by Google. The web page may be buried in a website, Google not deciding to index the page, or maybe the website owner does not want it to get indexed for some reason.

The Overall performance of the linking page and the website

When it comes to link equity, the links from a well-reputed page will give you a greater boost in your SEO ranking. For example, a link from the BBC or New York Times will be more valuable than the link from any other local newspaper or website.

Wrapping it up, these were some main factors that influence the link equity of a web page. The more link equity (Link juice) your page has, the higher will be the chance of it getting a good rank on the search engine result page.


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