Google AdWords Updates 2018- Latest News and Features

Latest Updates of Google Adwords

Google AdWords is the popular paid search platform used by search marketers. It is a promotion system through which advertisers bid on specific keywords so that the most searchable and clickable ads appear on Google’s search results. The advertisers have to pay for the clicks and this is the way Google makes money from each particular search.

After a brief intro, let us now focus on the main crucial information of Google AdWords updates for the year 2018. Google has realized that popularity of AdWords is in the favor of the big player that has to be changed in a new way. Here enlisted the latest Google AdWords news, updates and features that are introduced in 2018.

#Update 1: Google Introduced “AdWords Reach Planner” Tool for YouTube

A new tool has been introduced known as ‘Research Planner’ for YouTube and other video platform advertisement on AdWords. This tool helps in a way to predict higher conversion rate of specific video campaign on different Google media platforms like YouTube. The implementation is to reach several video campaigns and support campaigns to connect with the audience. It also helps to select the correct format of marketing budget and objectives. The tool is available in beta version and it is expected soon to be released as a full operational account.

#Update 2: Google AdWords with Expanded Landing Page Report  

Advertisers were introduced to this tool and they started experiencing new updates with AdWords interface in 2018. The recent update has come up with a view of full reporting metrics for landing page URLs. With this extensive feature you can get the expansion of landing page URLs in the report.

Additionally, it assists you to locate the traffic coming to each landing page of the website. Information like “Mobile friendly click rate” and “Valid click rate” with several other metrics such as cost, clicks and conversion rate are available in the report.

#Update 3: Google AdWords Introduces Promotion Extension

Promotion Extension is among the latest updates of Google AdWords. This appears with a tag icon on the searching text ads. This assists the advertisement to be different and stand out on SERPs. This is useful for E-commerce sites. It has been used to showcase specific offers or promotional sale presented by the website.

#Update 4: Shopping Product Listings Changed by Google  

With this latest update, Google has come up with product listings under the “Shop Now” category. They also shows price along with details about the product and shipping option.

#Update 5: Google AdWords Provide Bid Adjustment Facility for Interactions

Currently, Google has come up with an update called bid adjustment that improves interaction. For call extensions, this update has come up with bid adjustments in search ads. In case of site link extensions, it has been noticed that advertisement can be formatted and designed with appearance in mobile search ads.

Google has been providing the best opportunity and ensures that mobile ads will appear with call extension.

Google AdWords makes it possible to set the budget of advertisers by ad posting on advertising networks to promote business and brand. Therefore, the latest Google AdWords update and features could prove handy for an effective promotion.

 Google AdWords contributes in advertising some crucial keywords so that the clickable ads may appear on the search results. Some of the latest Google AdWords updates, news and features are discussed in detail to give necessary information for the readers.


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