SEO Automation: 5 Tools That Can Be Really Helpful

best seo automation tools

Quality SEO is not something that you will find everywhere, as they require time, dedication and technical supervision. For those who are a fresher in the field of SEO, it’s not easy to understand how much efforts it really requires to get the satisfied results.

Luckily, there are SEO automation tools out there in the market that can really help you throughout your journey to be on the top of SERP (Search Engine results page), and save your time and money. This also frees you from monotonous and stringent SEO tasks such as rank tracking, backlink analysis, and competitor monitoring.

Here is the list of the 5 tools that can help in SEO automation:

SE Ranking

SERanking is one of the most widely used tools for automation. It helps with the automation of scheduled SEO tasks such as backlink monitoring, keyword research, ranking report, web analysis, and many others. With the help of SE Ranking, users can get a deep insight into their competitors’ strategies and create a plan to get to the top of the search result and that too with minimum spending.

One of the greatest things about this tool is that this is an all-inclusive SEO tool, so you don’t have to purchase any extra tools. All your SEO tasks will be available on the same platform. SERanking gives a complete overview of the quality and quantity of the backlinks connected to your website as well as of your customer. If you are planning to create a marketing strategy, then SE Ranking is the right tool for you.


A1Q is test automation software that enables the users to measure the performance and stability of your website. All these factors are directly linked with the SEO because a website with poor performance can result in lower ranking. So, it is important to ensure that your website is working perfectly well.

This tool comes with a massive range of test options like keyword-driven tests, mobile tests and cross-browser tests.  All these things will assure that your site is working the way it should.

Traffic Booster

Traffic Booster is mostly used for the automation service of PPC ads. The tool uses a specified algorithm to help the users find a good spot on the search page. Basically, Traffic Booster is an ideal tool for e-commerce companies that allow them to analyze the short application form that business owners submit while creating ads.

Traffic Booster helps the companies a lot in finding their ad activities, and its algorithm is used to generate maximum sales at minimum price possible.


Hootsuite is a powerful tool that helps with the automation of social media activities. With the help of Hootsuite, you can track a large variety of keywords; manage the schedule post of different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

This way you save a lot of money and time by managing all your sharing activities in one place. One great feature added to this tool is the Scheduling Feature that keeps your work more organized and keeps you updated with all the things that you will have to do.


RIO SEO is a perfect tool that offers an innovative marketing solution that is mostly used by the online brands to attract clients. The website optimizer of this tool helps you integrate SEO recommendations and create a search engine-friendly version of your website.

The web optimizer of this tool consists of a dashboard that can be used to add pages and content to pages, rewrite URLs, and imply all those things that are required for on-page search engine optimization. Though, RIO SEO is not very cheap but is a perfect choice for large e-commerce enterprise.

It is also necessary to understand the ground reality that complete SEO automation is not 100% possible, but there are many promising tools that can help you in achieving your goals. The tools mentioned above are just a mere beginning. The future of SEO automation is very bright and the industry promises to show better results as the time goes on.


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