How Social Media and SEO Go Hand in Hand?

Social media helps SEO

When it comes to improving your organic search results, it is the common fact that content is king and it has become a crucial element that reaps big rewards. As Google prefers quality over quantity, SEO professionals and pundits across the globe are trying better practices and means to do search engine optimization a huge success. It makes clear that simply stuffing your page with keywords is not going to work anymore. But if content is king, how you can utilize the power of words that makes you noticed and found?

The entire scenario of content distribution and customer relations has been influenced by the utmost popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. Today, conversation and interaction will happen easily and is even easy for all to join and take part socially. Marketing and customer relationship can be easily built and tracked through comments, shares, and other social media activities. But how do all interactive functions of social media affect search rankings and site visibility? Below are outlined a few ways that explain maintaining a robust social media presence can be an extension of your site’s SEO.

Create Rich Content for Social Sharing  

When Google makes changes to its search algorithms, it finds ways to interpret social signals in order to find quality contents when providing search results. With social media platforms making content distribution more natural and constant, Google and other search engines have to filter through more posted content so that it can be incorporated into searches.

Social Media for Describing Site Quality

The main goal of a search engine is to find the most trustworthy and reliable answers to inquiries. Having a user-engaged social media page, actually, boost your reputation and social standard in the eyes of search engines like Google. Building online reputation through a genuine relationship with your audience and content sharing not only help in spreading your brand and identity, it also helps in making your voice an authority.

Social Shares Creates Linkbacks

Previously, the number of links created to your site decides the fact that whether or not your site was genuine and relevant. But it was easy to clutter your site with keyword-rich inbound links and make deals with others. This black-hat SEO technique can take your page off the list and search engines have had to find any other way to rank links. Instead of looking for the number of sites appear on sites, Google now searches the number of time URLS appear in social media sites to rate the authenticity of links.

The search industry is all about how social media can influence SEO. Social media activities come in contact with SEO to boost your website’s organic traffic through search engines. They both can help businesses flourish with a word-of-mouth advertising techniques.


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