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Long gone are the days when laptops and desktops were only used to access the internet for browsing and visiting websites. Today, the mobile platform has emerged as one of the prominent and most preferred platforms to access websites. This is the reason why most of the websites nowadays are created by keeping the mobile-compatibility in mind.

Even Google has well understood the importance of the mobile internet and has implemented various changes according to mobile search results. Recently, Google launched its AMP or better known as Accelerated Mobile Pages initiative that would give priority to websites that function well on a mobile platform. Now let us discuss AMP in more depth.

What exactly is AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) is an open-source HTML framework that allows the web pages to run effectively and load quickly on all types of devices. With the help of APM technology, websites with rich content such as video, graphics, animations, and ads will be able to load more quickly. Basically, AMP allows web developers to create light web pages that can load quickly without any glitch. According to the report, an AMP enabled page takes an average time of 0.7 seconds to load and the average time that a normal page takes to load is around 22 seconds.  So, you can clearly see the difference here that AMP can bring.

How Does AMP Work?

Well, there are three basic components of AMP- AMP HTML, AMP JS, and AMP cache. The optimization done in AMP is totally based on JavaScript, CSS3 and all the pages are cached. The process of Google’s AMP cache storing is similar to that of Content Delivery Network (CDN).  It is completely free and works on “stale-while- revalidate model,” said by one of the sources from Google.

How AMP can benefit you?

Below is the list of some of the top benefits that AMP can provide for your online business:

Helps in keeping the audience engaged

Well, the pages that use AMP technology loads faster than the normal ones. When any of your targeted audience lands on your websites, they will be able to see the content of your page instantly. Well, this can prove to be a major deciding factor as it will keep the audience engaged and help a lot in the conversion of the audience into your loyal customers.

AMP will help in maximizing your revenue

According to a report, even a delay of 1 second in the loading of a page can drag the conversion rate down by 12 percent.  If you really want to improve your sales and want people to engage more to your brand, then you need to focus a lot more on your page loading speed.  AMP makes sure that the users are able to access every part of your website at ease.

Help to increase your ROI

It takes time to build an ideal landing page, ad, or web content. One great thing about AMP is that AMP enabled pages once built can be distributed through a wide variety of distribution platforms simultaneously. With the help of AMPHTML Ads, your ads will work function effectively on AMP and non AMP pages both.

Wrapping it up all, it can be clearly said by reading the above article implementing AMP can be really beneficial. Using it will make sure you get the traffic to your website that you really deserve.


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