Top 10 best SEO resources for startups

SEO is one of the most important parts of online strategy since it is directly related to the ranking of the website. It doesn’t matter how effort and money you put in your online presence if you will not have a well-planned SEO strategy then all your effort and money will go to the vein. This is why all the businesses focus so much on their SEO practices in order to improve their ranking in the search result and also for increasing the traffic. But if you are a startup then you will always have to look for economical and effective SEO resources.

You should know that implementing SEO strategy is not as costly as your TV ads and billboards but still, you need to pour an ample amount of money in your SEO practices in order to get better results. This is why startups need to choose the right SEO resources so that they can improve their online ranking without burning a hole in their pocket. So, in this blog post, we will be looking at the top 10 SEO resources for startups and know how to use them effectively.

Google Keyword Planner– Finding the right keyword to work upon is very essential in order to improve your ranking and Google Keyword Planner acts as your best partner in finding the most appropriate keywords. You should know that this tool is completely free and you can use to find keywords that are less competitive but have very high search volume.

Google Analytics– Analytics is one of the most important parts of your SEO strategy and optimization. All the SEO experts use Google Analytics in order to know which type of traffic they are getting on their website. In addition to this, this amazing SEO resource also allows you to know how your SEO strategy is performing and in which area you need to improve.

Moz Open Site Explorer- This tool is used for link building and that’s why it is so important for SEO experts and all those companies who are looking forward to enhancing their SEO strategy. By using this SEO resource, you can find relevant websites for link building and you can also keep an eye on the SEO practices of your competitor by using this amazing tool.

BuzzSumo– If you want to know which type of content is going viral on social media and other online platforms then you should definitely use BuzzSumo. This tool will help you in finding the new topics to write on and you can also increase traffic on your website by using this tool.

QuickSprout– It is the best SEO resource for knowing the health of your website. In order to know how your online presence is growing, you will need to understand the health of your website and QuickSprout will surely help you in understanding how your website is performing and what needs to be done in order to improve the performance of your website.

Rocket Ranking– The unique Rocket Ranking tool has been specially built to help startups in improving the traffic on their website by improving the ranking. You should know that this is basically an on-page optimizer tool that offers a keyword profit calculator that finds out the best keywords. The keywords that you will find out through this tool will have a direct impact on your ranking and traffic.

Buffer- If you are looking forward to scheduling your social media interaction then you should definitely use rocket ranking. This amazing tool will surely meet your content building requirement and you will become more consistent and relevant on social media sites. The reports that you will obtain from this tool will help you in improving your social media presence.

Screaming frog- This is one of the most popular and used SEO tool and it is famous for its spider crawling ability through links, websites, codes, and apps. This tool will help you in collecting very useful data that can be used to grow your business and website in various different ways.

Similar Web- Similar Web will help you in understanding what your competitors are doing, how your website is functioning and how your customers are behaving on your website. The data gathered from the Similar Web can be used to optimize your website in terms of traffic and ranking.

DeepCrawl Review- This is another great crawling tool that is used by most of the SEO experts and startups. In order to give the crawl data, this amazing tool will do a full scan of your website. In addition to full scanning of your website, this amazing tool also gives you domain crawling capabilities.

All the above-mentioned SEO resources are perfect for startups and that’s why if you are an owner of a small business then you can easily use the SEO resources mentioned in this website without any second thoughts.

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